TWO NEW GUEST CHEFS for March 2017

We are very excited to announce that we have two guest chefs coming along to work with us in March this year.

 Olia Hercules

 The first is Olia Hercules who we found through the very generous Jack Adair Bevan, mixologist at the Ethicurean restaurant. She’s Leith’s trained, Ottolenghi honed and a complete red hot ticket around food circles in London these days.  She’s going to be cooking up a bunch of amazing Ukrainian delicacies, washed down with some potent vodka pickle backs.  She’ll be here Saturday 4th March, 7.00pm.  Full details and menu this way

Tim Wilson

 Then on Sunday 26th March we have Tim Wilson coming to kick off our series of slow Sundays (2.00pm – 6.00pm) which we’ll repeat from time to time throughout the year. He produced an epic Game fest here at B&F HQ about five years ago, this time round he’s going to be cooking up eight or nine, delicious, Spanish/North African influenced dishes over a four hour Sunday lunch, all sponsored by the amazing Isle of Wight Distillery who will be serving a welcoming Mermaids G&T to all comers.

How to book

We are opening booking requests for Olia Hercules on 7 Feb and Tim Wilson on 21 Feb. Tickets for our guest chef events are always in high demand and are allocated on a first come first served basis. We will email you when we open booking for each event with a link to our website where you can submit your request to join us. - to receive an email when booking for each event add your name to the form at the bottom of this page 

How it works on the day

We seat guests on shared tables across 3 rooms, the first is the dining room which has 2 long tables of 12, the second is the dairy which has one large table of 14 & the third is the larder which has a table of 10.  People often block book a whole room or a smaller table with freinds & this works on a first come first served basis.  Everyone arrives at around 7.00pm & gathers in the drawing room for drinks & canapes before sitting down at 7.45pm.  You bring your own drinks as we are not licensed & there is no corkage charge.

In the meantime you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our website for further details and menus for each event.

Bridget Simcock